CITADEL Engineering Company (CEC) provides acceptance testing services to ensure that fiscal or allocation metering systems meet functional design specifications before going into service.
This testing can be done either:

At the manufacturing location (factory acceptance testing), or
When equipment has been commissioned on-site (site acceptance testing)

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CITADEL Engineering Company (CEC) becomes a trusted Calibration Lab for Fiscal & Custody Transfer Flow Meter From the Oil Ministry.

Ministry of Oil of Iraq visited our Facility in Erbil and checked our fabrication and calibration facility in Iraq.

They have visited our Master Meter Provers, Water Draw Package, Pipe Prover and discuss the technical points with our engineers and technicians.

CEC appreciates their entrance for this technical visit.
Citadel Engineering Company (CEC) has the Calibration Facility for Calibration all Flow Meter, using Master Meter, Water Draw Calibration, Compact Prover, and facility for repairing and maintenance of Flow Meters and Provers.

Our Services


We are providing various kinds of training in the field of Management, Quality, HSE, Inspection, Finance, NDT, Lifting, Engineering, etc. CEC is the Authorized agent of API, ASNT, AWS, OSHAcademy, CIEH, STI, and a member of IADC, IWCF, ASME, PMP, and CDP certification Services in Iraq and also Partner with the University of Utah for the Management Courses. Citadel Academy is recognized by Ministry of Labour of KRG.


our Laboratories are accredited under ISO/IES 17025 and are calibrating all kinds of PSV and PRV, Pressure Gauges, Electrical Equipment, Radiography Equipment, Dosimeter, Survey Meter, Dimension Tools, Mass Items, Load Cells, Flow Meters, Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Milliamp Meter, Resistance Earth Tester. CEC has 2 partner Lab in the USA and UK under the accreditation of the UKAS and NVLAP


Providing Welding Inspection, QA/QC, API Inspection, Vendor Inspection, Pipeline, Drilling Equipment & Piping Inspection, Plant Inspection and NDT Services including VT, MT, PT, UT, Advance NDT like Phased Array and TOFD, Lifting Equipment Inspection, we have four Gamma Sources here in Kurdistan Region.


CEC Commercial department is providing I&C and Electrical Tools Like GE, Omicron, Emerson, Fluke, Druck, Panametrics, Insize, etc. CEC is the Channel partner of ABB, Haskel and Honeywell in Iraq; also authorized agent of the Eagle Eye Power Solution, Straight Point Load Cell and Detcon for Calibration Gas in the Middle East


Citadel Engineering Certification Body (CECB) is becoming a global Certification body with International Accreditation to certify companies as per the ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 22001 and ISO 14001. If you have any requests, please feel free to contact our team in Certification Department to help you with your application.


Our metering engineering, design, selection, and verification services demonstrably add value to projects from conceptual and front-end engineering designs (FEED) through detailed design to installation, commissioning, and steady-state systems operation. We can add value to our customers’ production facilities by ensuring that the correct meter type has been selected. We then ensure that it has been appropriately installed, operated and maintained, and correctly calibrated to allow you to optimize revenue and profitability.

Repair Services – We know that instruments fail or get damaged and replacing them is not always an option. This reason is why we operate our Repair Center out of our calibration lab. We can offer cost effective repairs on many of the instruments we calibrate. Our repairs are generally less expensive and completed faster than the OEM. All repairs come with an accredited calibration so you can be sure your instrument is in peak operating condition.


A pressure safety valve (PSV) protects pressure vessels and piping systems from excessive internal pressure. When a system reaches a predetermined pressure the PSV opens, a portion of the media discharges, and the pressure inside drops to a safe limit. Once the pressure reaches the valve’s reseating set point, the valve closes.
Periodic testing and adjustment of pressure safety valves are essential to maintaining overall safety in Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water/Wastewater, Aerospace/Aviation, chemicals/Plastics, Steel Manufacturing, and many other industries. The most common test method for safety valves and relief valves is a bench test, performed in a workshop. Such tests typically occur in conjunction with disassembly, inspection, and repair.