Certification Department

Implementing and documenting a management system and abiding to a code of practices, industrial guidance and other regulations can help your business benefit from regional and

international best practices.

Having your organizational system/s audited by an independent third party professional organization, such as PECB or TÜV InterCert, can be a useful tool in identifying any shortcomings of your existing systems with the purpose of having these shortcomings adequately addressed. Once it is determined that the organizational system does comply with the targeted standards, validation and certification will take place.

Receiving an internationally recognized certificate establishes your organization as an adaptive and flexible organization that is in pace with global best practices, which furthers customer trust in the products and/or services that you provide. These benefits can have a multifaceted impact on your business, ultimately cascading to an increase in market share.

CITADEL provides audits and certifications of management systems in Quality, Health & Safety, Environment, Information Security, Business Continuity, IT Service Management, Food Safety, Asset Management, Energy Management, Medical Devices, and Supply Chain Security on Behalf and as Representative of PECB and Russia Register.