Gas Leak Detection

Citadel Engineering Company is a gas leak detection company that uses FLIR Cameras to detect gas leaks.

FLIR Cameras are thermal imaging cameras that can see through smoke, fog and darkness. They use infrared light to create images of heat sources which appear as bright spots on the image.

Gas leaks are a serious safety hazard, and can be difficult to detect. With the FLIR Camera, we can quickly identify the source of your leak and provide a solution.

Leak detection is a critical part of any gas system maintenance program. The ability to detect and locate gas leaks in real-time is essential to maintaining the integrity of the system, as well as protecting employees and customers from potential harm.

Citadel Engineering Company has used Flir cameras for several years to detect and locate gas leaks in our clients’ natural gas systems. We have found them to be an effective solution when compared with traditional methods. The FLIR camera can quickly find and pinpoint sources of leaks, saving time and money in terms of repair costs.