Air dust noise odor and vibration

CITADEL offers a range of environmental field sampling and testing services to provide evidence that you are committed to minimizing your environmental impact. We can help you ensure compliance with all relevant regulations for your industry for dealing with air, dust, noise, odor and vibration emissions. Our services include sampling air, dust and particles, noise monitoring, odor and vibration measurement and electromagnetic field assessment.

environmental waste management services

Treating your industrial waste in a responsible way is good for your business reputation and good for the environment. Call the CITADEL environmental waste management services team for your new waste management plan today. The residual byproducts and dangerous waste resulting from manufacturing and processes need to be recycled, reconditioned or disposed of in a responsible manner that complies with environmental legislation. Our environmental waste management services can help you to recycle, treat and dispose of your waste to ensure you meets your own ethical standards as well as governing regulatory requirements.

health and safety environment

To minimize workplace health and safety hazards and meet current environmental regulations, you need integrated and robust and integrated health, safety and environment strategy. Having worked with a range of major industry sectors, Citadel is a well-proven provider for health, safety, and environmental services. We work according to national and international standards and are accredited by recognized standards bodies. Our health, safety, and environment services professionals have the expertise to carry out the necessary risk assessments and help you ensure your installations, material, equipment and facilities meet all relevant standards and regulations.

Lighting, Thermal Comfort, Working Space, Noise and Vibration

The work environment can impact on a person’s performance in a number of different ways from effects that damage health (heat stress, musculoskeletal disorders); effects that reduce the individual’s ability to perform a task (poor lighting, distraction); to effects that cause dissatisfaction, resistance to change and uncooperative attitudes

Citadel is providing Testing and Measurement of these items:

Lighting: At its simplest, different levels of lighting are required for different types of work – close, accurate work such as soldering a control panel will require higher light levels than walking down a corridor. However, when considering lighting, a number of different factors need to be considered such as color, contrast, glare and so on.

Thermal Comfort: Extremes of temperature (very cold and very hot) can put physiological stress on an individual. Lack of control of the temperature of a workplace (e.g. in an open plan office)
can lead to job dissatisfaction and increased incidence of stress and long term sickness

Working Space: Work rooms should have enough free space to allow people to move about with ease.

Noise: When assessing a task, employers should also consider whether noise might interfere with safety-critical communications. In addition, exposure to high levels of noise can increase individual experience of stress, as may even relatively low noise levels if significantly above background/ambient and if experienced over long periods.

Vibration: Whole body vibration (such as experienced in vehicle cabs) can contribute to lower back pain and fatigue. Some frequencies of vibration can have a negative effect on visual performance.


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