CEC is led by a dynamic group of individuals with many years of experience in their respective fields. We are Organized into lines of business, and we operate across different regions. An Experienced Team CEC's Engineering and Inspection Services stand on a firm foundation of knowledge, experience, and world-class performance improvement methodologies. Our Team's coaching, training, and facilitation skills are enriched by "real-world" experience in their specialty fields, including Project Management and Calibration. Our people are exceptional. From university graduates to seasoned industry professionals, everyone has a valuable role to play within CEC Company. What's important is that we share our experiences, ideas and knowledge in an open and collaborative environment. That way, we all learn, develop and grow.



Mr. Shahriyar Majlesein, who is the acting CEO of Citadel Engineering Company (CEC). Mr. Majlesein has extensive experience in management, quality assurance, inspection, and certification services, which have helped establish Citadel Engineering Company (CEC) as a profitable business and respectable partner of many companies.

Citadel Engineering Company (CEC) will provide Engineering, Inspection, Calibration, Testing, Certification and Training scope of services. As the CEO of the CEC, Mr. Majlesein has set up all of its operations and has built a complex structure that can support all lines of business, leading to supreme results in each of them. Mr. Majlesein also has detailed knowledge of all services provided by the company and an understanding of market needs and trends. The experience that Mr. Majlesein has in management will help him structure the business of the company. He will replicate the good practices and activities of the subsidiary, adjusting them to the specific characteristics of the U.S. and international market.