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Citadel Engineering Company Service

CITADEL Engineering Company has a global network of Engineering Centers delivering high-performance, cost-effective technical services to our customers worldwide.
Our approach to Engineering ‘the Citadel Way’ means a common user experience for our customers, independent of location. We can deploy the best mix of our capabilities through a well-integrated work share and technical performance management system. Our engineering achievements include major complex and challenging projects.
We are helping to engineer with the next generation of Oil & Gas Industry in the Middle East, as well as applying both traditional and new skills to the new world of bio-process, renewable energy. Our engineering expertise extends from our consulting services through to our specialist engineering services and decommissioning.
We offer expertise in many Engineering Disciplines, including Engineering, Inspection, Calibration, Testing, Certification & Training. 

CITADEL Engineering Company – Services


Engineering Services, Metering Skid Design and Fabrication
Feed Design, Project Management
Package Design and Engineering 



Lifting Equipment Inspection
Tank & Vessel Inspection
Pipeline Inspection
QA/QC Inspection & Welding Inspection
Coating and Painting Inspection
Vendor Inspection


Electrical Calibration
Pressure Calibration
Temperature Calibration
Mass & Balance Calibration
Weighbridge Calibration
Nuclear Gauge Calibration


Mechanical Testing
Chemical Testing
Non-Destructive Testing
Products Testing


Citadel Academy Providing Technical and Non-Technical Training
Management Training
OSHA Academy Training
NPS Trainings


Safety Valve

Pressure Safety Valve Calibration
Pressure Safety Valve Testing
Repair & Maintenance
The lapping of the PSV & PRVs
Spare Parts Supply 


Citadel Engineering Certification Body (CECB) providing Certification for the Companies as per the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO/TS 29001 under reputed Accreditation Bodies. 


Your Business is unique and we offer a variety of service options that can be customized to meet your specific needs. CEC offer repair and maintenance services for fixed and rotary equipment.

Gas Detection

Safety of the Location and People, Multi-Gas Detection Service
Single Gas Detection
Monitoring Service
Photo Ionization Detection 



Coriolis Flow Meter Calibration
Vortex Flow Meter Calibration
DP Flow Meter Calibration
Positive Displacement Flow Meter Calibration
Ultrasonic Flow Meter Calibration 


To ensure you gain full market access your need to comply with the safety, product and governmental regulation, CEC will help you on that 


Commission and Oversees the Installation of System in Plant or Equipment at the Location, Testing and Calibrating Equipment
Supporting Process with the Experienced team

Testing (NDT)

Non-Destructing Testing
Visual Testing (VT)
Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Penetrant Testing (PT)
Magnetic Testing (MT)
Radiography Testing (RT)
Phased Array (PAUT)
IRIS Inspection


High Pressure

Ultra-High Pressure Water Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
Vessel Cleaning
Steam Generator and Steam Cleaning


Engineering of Metering Skid
Proving Calibration
Sampling Analysis
Metering Control Systems
Availability and Operatability


Wellhead Control Panel
Chemical Injection
Emergency Shutdown Devices